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 About Black Angel Shisha


 Black Angel is Products of Bali Trading GmbH, a company that is manufacturing tobacco in Germany, selling their products to all over Europe and the Middle East.
We use high quality Virgin tobbacco from Europe only and the wide ranged selection of aroma that is available in America.
Due to the American and European combination, the creation of the best and finest shisha aroma is provided.
Our goal is to distribute the best tobacco all over the world.
Every customer will be able to find his suitable flavor because of the huge variety of aromas we are offering.
One example would be our "Two Apple Edition". Our customers are able to choose between four different apple aromas, which will simplify his search for the taste that satisfies him.




Rich flavors

smooth and elegant delight



All Natural Coconut Charcoal

burns longer with persistent heat


Available in     size


Rich flavors

smooth and elegant delight

Available in




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